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WiFi Expert System

AXWIFI | WiFi Troubleshooting and Optimization Software

Standard-based CPE WiFi QoS solution for predictive and proactive improvements of home and SMB WiFi networks. Autonomous in-stream optimization ensures the best WiFi performance, while WiFi troubleshooting provides a powerful tool for remote end-customer support.

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AXWIFI Functionality

One of the primary benefits of WiFi troubleshooting & optimization software is that it can help telcos and ISPs to manage their networks more effectively. By identifying and resolving problems quickly, telcos and ISPs can minimize the time spent on customer support calls and increase the WiFi CX.

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Proactive Troubleshooting Actions

In-stream WiFi Optimization

Network Topology Visualization

Dashboards for CPE Base Insights

No Device Vendor Lockdown

Standard-Based Connection Towards CPEs

" The capabilities of Axiros’ TR-069 solutions allow Connect Fibre to efficiently configure, monitor, and optimise our customers’ WiFi networks. Our help desk can now instantly provide unrivalled valuable insights to customers when they experience issues, allowing the full power of their gigabit capable connections to be unlocked. "

Connect Fibre

" A lack of focus by other internet providers on the importance of Wi-Fi has meant that even for customers with good broadband connections, their internet still feels “slow” and they are frustrated when their ISP can’t solve issues. We understand that great Wi-Fi must complement gigabit broadband – that’s why all our customers benefit from a professional Wi-Fi installation to ensure their routers are in the best possible location, and now our partnership with Linksys and Axiros will provide the best Wi-Fi 6 routers and support available. Our Wi-Fi 6 service will make other Wi-Fi feel like dial-up. "


" We’re proud of the collaboration with Axiros which has delivered this tool allowing our ISP customers to verify that they are getting the best out of our hardware and simplify their support engagements. "


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How can AXWIFI help

WiFi Environment Challenges

The wireless environment is heavily congested by plenty of other WiFi access points nearby, causing unwanted interference. End-customers and Service Providers are in a constant hunt for the best WiFi performance and coverage while decreasing the WiFi support calls and increasing the customers’ loyalty.

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WiFi Interference

AXWIFI is constantly looking for the best WiFi operating channel and bandwidth with the lowest interference to achieve the maximal link rates with less disruptions.

Home Environment Network Setup

Easy to navigate AXWIFI home network topology for faster understanding of connected clients without the end-customer description.

No CPE Base Insights

Aggregated CPE base view and dashboards on the AXWIFI’s optimization and troubleshooting results, reports and WiFi device upsell possibilities.

Long and Multiple Support Calls

AXWIFI Customer Support Portal with on-spot WiFi troubleshooting overview and the next best step solutions for shorted support calls.

AXWIFI Key Features and Benefits

The software provides a variety of features that can help improve the performance of a wireless network, including signal strength testing, channel analysis, and troubleshooting tools.

WiFi Troubleshooting

  • AXWIFI Score representing the occurring WiFi issues
  • List of WiFi problems with the Next Best Step Recommendation
  • All affected CPEs dashboards and reports

WiFi Optimization

  • Autonomous optimization which is constantly running in the background
  • On-demand optimization for the support teams or end-customer
  • One-to-one device or cluster optimization

Effective Customer Support Tools

  • Per the device issues list
  • Network topology visualization for easy navigation
  • Integrated MESH support

AXWIFI in Numbers

> 85%

Devices can be Improved with WiFi Optimization

~ 99%

Low WiFi Quality Devices can be Significantly Improved

> 40%

WiFi-related Issues can be Mitigated Proactivley


Devices do not have Sufficient WiFi Coverage


Shorter WiFi-related Support Calls

How AXWIFI Works

WiFi Data

There are various possibilities for how the AXWIFI can obtain the WiFi related data from CPEs via standard protocols like TR-069, TR-098, TR-181, USP / TR-369, SNMP or others.

Apply the AXWIFI Intelligence

Unique Axiros AXWIFI algorithm is applied for the best optimization result calculation, and the AXWIFI Intelligence Engines take care of recommending the troubleshooting outcomes and proactive actions to mitigate the WiFi issues.

Improve & Visualize

AXWIFI enforces all the improving actions if the criteria and configurable thresholds are met while storing all the necessary data as a base for future improvement and providing the improvements’ results, either in the Customer Support Portal or aggregated dashboards for the whole CPE base.

Additional Resources

AXWIFI Brochure

AXWIFI Expert System, the flagship product of Axiros, is a carrier-grade predictive and proactive WiFi troubleshooting and optimization tool for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. Its primary goal is to enhance the WiFi quality of experience within digital homes and businesses.


This expert system analyzes WiFi performance metrics in real-time, allowing for proactive performance management and automated corrective actions. The system is designed to detect and mitigate common issues such as signal interference, channel congestion, and device connectivity problems before they negatively impact the user’s experience. With AXWIFI Expert System, service providers can offer their customers a seamless WiFi experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Additionally, AXWIFI Expert System can be fully integrated with service provider systems and deployed either on the cloud or on-premises with high-availability support, making it an effective solution for any carrier-grade WiFi ecosystem.

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